Alchemy SUPANOVA High Gloss Paste Wax

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Alchemy SUPANOVA High Gloss Paste Wax

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One of our new favourite high gloss carnauba waxes!

Alchemy SUPANOVA is a blend of soft wax and oils that is easy to apply and will leave you with a deep, explosive shine. This Alchemy wax is ideal for the show cars and for use during the summer months. Having said that you can still expect good beading from and protection from road grime, salt and bird lime. If you have small scratches, SUPANOVA will fill them and give you smooth paintwork as well as a deep, tasty gloss.

Supa Nova has a smooth texture, which allows for quick and easy application.


Apply using a foam applicator pad and with light pressure. Allow to cure before buffing with an Alchemy microfibre towel.

Size: 150ml