Auto Finesse - Hog Hair Detailing Brushes

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Auto Finesse - Hog Hair Detailing Brushes

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These luxury Hog Hair Detailing Brushes (Pair) are hand crafted in the UK, with a fully balanced solid wood handle, epoxy set chopped Hog hair bristles that are up to 75% longer than the industry standard, enabling them to deep clean the most complicated of wheel-spoke designs.

Perfect for detailing wheels, grills, shuts, and those hard to reach bits around badges and grills, the super soft natural bristles are safe on paint and wont inflict swirls or scratches.



1. Spray the wheels, trims, grills or interior parts with the selected cleaner.
2. Use the Hog Hair detailing brushes to softly agitate the cleaner. The brushes will help create a light foam which will help release trapped dirt.
3. Wipe or rinse the dirt away to revile a clean surface.
4. Once the brushes are dirty, simple clean them in fresh water to release and trapped dirty and allow to dry naturally.


The soft nature of the Hog Hair detailing brushes makes them perfect for wheels with polishes lips. Combined with Citrus Power, the Hog Hair detailing brushes make for the perfect show car wheel brushes what will not compromise the finish of your polishes lips.