Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner 500ml - Juicy Apple

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Auto Finesse Total Interior Cleaner 500ml - Juicy Apple

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It’s Total Interior Cleaner, but with a difference… and the clue is right there on the label!

This strictly limited edition Total Juicy Apple is all-new for 2022, and comes complete with a fresh, new scent making it an absolute pleasure to spritz around your cockpit.  

The ultimate ready-to-use interior APC, is formulated from specially selected low-foaming surfactants, meaning it’s completely safe to use on all surfaces including plastic, vinyl, rubber cloth, carpet and even modern soft-touch plastics.  

Powerful enough to transform even the most stained fabrics, Total Juicy Apple is devastatingly tough on the harshest organic and inorganic-based substances including oil, grease, food, coffee, mildew, grass, mud, sun-tan lotion and silicone-based dressings. But, at the same time it benefits from an extremely gentle nature that’s ideal for use on the most sensitive of areas.  

The ultimate in interior deep-cleaning ability - with a sweet new aroma - makes Juicy Apple a must-have.