Auto Finesse - Waxmate XL Applicator

Auto Finesse

Auto Finesse - Waxmate XL Applicator

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The new Auto Finesse Waxmate XL has been specially engineered to fit the exact diameter of our new 150g wax tins, meaning a simple quarter twist covers the whole face and ensures you get a better, more even coverage when using our hard waxes. Its design also lends itself to be much more comfortable to use, with its raised-grip platform. It can be compressed down and stored in the top of the wax pot for next time.

Sold individually


85mm diameter | 40mm thick


How to use:

1. Un-package the Waxmate ready for use.
2. Select the desired wax.
3. Softly apply the Waxmate onto the wax and twist.
4. Using straight lines, apply the wax to the paint and allow to cure