Auto Finesse Wonder Wool Wheel Brush

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Auto Finesse Wonder Wool Wheel Brush

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The Auto Finesse Wonder Wool brushes are the ultimate tools for detailing the most precious rims.

Each brush features a super-soft, lambswool cleaning head, this ultra plush brush is a must-have for deep-cleaning any luxury wheel, or those with the most sensitive, specialist finishes.  

Non-scratch on gloss black and custom painted surfaces, and extra kind to polished, anodised and bare metal wheel finishes, this supple brush is constructed with a premium wooden shaft and a rubberised, non-slip handle for increased control and ease-of-use.   

Soft and durable, the Wonder Wool is capable of shifting the harshest brake dust and other potentially damaging contaminants while gliding over surfaces without excess scrubbing. The specialist cleaning head lifts and locks sharp particles away, deep within the fibres, to eradicate the risk of scratching as you sanitise every surface.  

The ultimate premium brush for the ultimate premium wheels.