Autobrite Direct Synthetic Wool Wash Mitt

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Autobrite Direct Synthetic Wool Wash Mitt

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High quality woolen synthetic wash mitt which is perfect for washing your car safely. Super soft, fluffy and glides along your paintwork just nice. Our synthetic mitt comes with an elasticated mitt to ensure a secure fitment when washing your car. Easy to use and clean.

Product Features:

  • Made from synthetic wool
  • Elasticated cuff for a secure fit
  • Fluffy and scratch free
  • Durable and soft


How to use:

Before you wash your car you need to have the correct tools for the job, The Autobrite Tools!

We recommend one of our amazing, fruity shampoo's, the Autobrite detailing buckets, grit guards and water along with your mitt. Fill your buckets with fresh water, add the desired shampoo to your wash bucket and agitate the solution into the foam.

Wash your car starting from the top to bottom. Washing approximately 1-2 panels at a time then washing and rinsing your mitt out in the rinse bucket.