Autobrite Direct The Knuckle Duster Applicator Pad

Autobrite Direct

Autobrite Direct The Knuckle Duster Applicator Pad

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Only mugs fight fair, this tool right here is the business! get your mitt round this bad boy and you will show those waxes, sealants and polishes who’s boss! A dense sponge applicator pad which fits the contours of your hand. It’s double sided with a soft side and a firm side, for situations where a little more punishment is needed! get it in your arsenal now!

Ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and use

Double sided design with hard side for polishes & compounds and a softer side perfect for wax & sealants.

Also ideal for leather cleaners and conditioners, interior and exterior cleaners and dressings.

High quality 15cm x 10cm x 3.5cm foam applicator that's easy to care for and reuse.

Care instructions: To keep your knuckle duster in top condition we recommend you clean it after each use by running it under warm water whilst applying “Clean Towels” and working it in with a stiff detailing brush. rinse thoroughly, wring and allow to dry naturally.