Autobrite Enrich Correction Polish


Autobrite Enrich Correction Polish

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Product Description

Enrich is an intelligent medium machine polishing compound offering the latest technology in paint correction polishes. The unique formulation provides a fast, complete removal of car wash scratches, swirl marks, weathering, fine scratches and light oxidation, bringing back a deep shine to the surface. Enrich can remove 2500 sanding marks with ease and is an ideal one step cut and finish compound for the majority of paint finishes.



Product Features

  • Cut 5/10 - Gloss 8/10
  • Ideal for removing light weathering
  • Removes swirl marks, scratches & 2500 grit sanding marks
  • Suitable for Rotary Polisher and DA
  • Forgiving, easy to use diminishing formula with extended working time capabilities
  • Silicone free