Autobrite Shield - Rain Repellent Screen Wash


Autobrite Shield - Rain Repellent Screen Wash

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Shield - Rain Repellent Screen Wash

Shield –  Repellent screen wash is a quick and easy way to effectively clean your windscreen of road traffic film, grime and bugs while also adding a protective hydrophobic layer.

This protective layer will help to increase visibility while driving in poor weather conditions thus improving safety while out on the road! Shield can be used as a standalone product or the help maintain any previously applied glass sealant.


Product Features

  • Powerful cleaning
  • Ceramic / Sio2 infused – contains Sio2 infused additives
  • High concentration of alcohols for all season performance
  • Effective to approximately minus 20 degrees Celsius
  • Fast acting, cleans off grime and insects

How to use Autobrite Shield

  • Shield is supplied ready to use
  • Simply fill your reservoir and off you go!
  • Shield can be diluted further if required, for topping up existing sealants or after long term use.