Autobrite Very Cherry Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner


Autobrite Very Cherry Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner

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Very cherry professional Strength Acid Free wheel cleaner contains a powerful blend of degreasers and cleaners to clean your wheels. A very effective, deep cleaning and high foaming cleaning agent that provides superb performance against even the worst dirt and grime on your wheels and tyres. Ideal to use on all modern painted & clear coated wheel finishes.

In a lot of cases VCNA can be applied to the alloy wheel and then rinsed under pressure with no agitation needed, the power of this product makes light work of cleaning your alloy wheels even with the most stubborn brake dust, grime and dirt. In some cases,  we recommend you apply to the alloy wheel and leave for a couple of minutes to penetrate into the dirt before agitating with your favourite wheel brushes.

If your vehicle has specialised finish wheels such as chrome or highly polished wheels do not allow the product to dry out. We do recommend you always try on an inconspicuous area before use. As always with all of the Autobrite range of products our VCNA is bio-degradable and not harmful for the environment.

VCNA can dilute up to 20-1 for light cleaning, 10-1 for general cleaning and as low as 2-1 for heavy cleaning and degreasing to remove the most stubborn, baked on brake dust and grime.


Product Features

  • Can be diluted up to 20-1
  • Powerful non acid Formula
  • Safe on all clear coated and painted wheels
  • Very effective against brake dust
  • Does not degrade wheel wax or wheel sealant when used correctly