CarPro GlassMitt For Inner Glass


CarPro GlassMitt For Inner Glass

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The CarPro GlassMitt is specially designed to provide a thorough, edge-to-edge clean on all interior glass surfaces. The unique microfibre blend allows for a more gentle and streak-free removal of contaminants on interior glass. Things like dust, AC vapours, body oils, and fingerprints, can leave a translucent film on interior glass, limiting visibility and intensifying fogging. GlassMitt allows for an easy removal of these residues to provide a perfectly clear, streak free glass surface. Excellent for use in those hard to reach areas on front and rear windows.

How to Use:

Use the waffle side in combination with Clarify or Eraser to remove the majority of contamination then use the glass fibre side for a final wipe and a streak-free view.