Chemical Guys Chenille Wash Mop With Plastic Head Attachment

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Chemical Guys Chenille Wash Mop With Plastic Head Attachment

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  • Premium chenille microfiber wash pad
  • Kit includes the plastic mop swivel mount that holds wash mitt onto the telescoping pole (pole sold separately)
  • Mop head measures 18″ x 6″
  • Scratch-free microfiber traps abrasive dirt and debris
  • Helps prevent swirls and scratches
  • Premium 70/30 microfiber maintains soft feel for dozens of scratch-free washes
  • Perfect for roofs, wide hoods, trailer sidewalls, lower rocker panels, truck beds, and more
  • Clean any small car, truck, SUV, RV, trailer, motor home, or bus in minutes
  • Unhook hook and loop straps to machine wash microfiber mop along with towels
  • For use with Chemical Guys Car Wash Mop And Extendable Pole

About This Kit

Short people have a hard time washing big cars, so Chemical Guys put a fluffy microfiber wash mitt at the end of a telescoping pole. Thanks to the Chenille Car Wash Mop, detailers of any size can now wash any large car, truck, SUV, or RV without dragging step ladders or stools across wet ground. The soft chenille wash mop head is woven with plush microfiber noodles that soak up tons of soapy water and suds for a slick wash that won’t scratch paint. The premium microfiber mop head is made with quality 70/30 blend microfiber for a soft scratch-free touch on any surface. Replacing the Chenille Wash Mop Head is simple: undo the hook and loop fasteners, and throw the microfiber wash mop head into the washing machine to clean and refresh the microfiber and maintain a scratch-free shine. The heavy-duty plastic swivel mount resists all types of car washing chemicals. A simple hinge design gives the user total control when pushing and pulling the mop across any large vehicle surface. Simply screw the entire swivel mount mop head in or out from the telescoping pole to facilitate quick changes and extended maintenance jobs.

For Use With Heavy Duty Extendable Pole

Microfiber is the industry’s secret weapon for a scratch-free shine on any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Washing with a premium microfiber mitt like the Chenille Car Wash Mop helps control and trap abrasive dirt and debris before it can scratch paintwork and cause unsightly swirl marks. An interior-stitched hook and loop fastener holds the microfiber mop securely to the wash wand, and facilitates quick and easy changes to a fresh and clean mop during a long wash on a large vehicle. Brightly-colored blue microfiber highlights any trapped dirt or debris and cues the detailer to clean or change the mop during or in between washes and details. The premium microfiber mop is made with quality 70/30 blend microfiber for a soft scratch-free touch on any surface.


The Heavy Duty Extendable Pole is sold separately.