Chemical Guys - Clay Bar Original Yellow 100g

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Chemical Guys - Clay Bar Original Yellow 100g

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  • Restores a smooth-as-glass feel to exterior surfaces
  • Professional detailing clay bar removes above-surface contamination that ruins paintwork over time
  • Gently grabs onto and removes embedded dirt, pollution, brake dust, water spot minerals, industrial fallout, and more
  • Safe for use on any exterior part that is shiny or clear: paintwork, glass, clear plastics, polished metals, carbon fiber, and more
  • Prepares surfaces for cleaner polishing results and a longer-lasting wax bond directly to the surface
  • Flex-Clay Technology conforms to every curve and contour for maximum effect with every swipe
  • Easy to use: spray Clay Luber, then wipe with the Clay Bar!


The Chemical Guys OG Clay Bar is a light-to-medium duty clay bar that makes rough vehicle paintwork feel smooth as glass. Detailing professionals and enthusiasts from around the world have turned to this clay bar for so long, they’ve dubbed it the “OG.” The Chemical Guys OG Clay Bar removes embedded contaminants that ruin shine and destroy paintwork over time. Professional detailers use the OG Clay Bar to pull debris out from the paintwork that clogs buffing pads, induces extra scratches, and blocks fresh coats of wax from sticking to the surface. The flexible clay bar conforms to every curve and contour to easily remove paint overspray, rail dust, brake dust, pollution, and contamination to restore a smooth-as-glass feel. Detailers use the OG Clay Bar to decontaminate any exterior automotive surface that is shiny or clear, such as paintwork, glass, clear plastic, and polished metal surfaces. The elastic yellow detailing clay pulls off rough contaminants like a magnet. This refined clay bar formula is engineered to last longer and clean more vehicles than ever before. The OG Clay Bar works great on any glossy paint finish, new or old. Restore the smooth feel back to any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat with the Chemical Guys OG Clay Bar.


When people like to treat themselves like movie stars, they take a trip to the spa. Sitting in mud baths relaxes the muscles and pulls impurities directly out from the pores of the skin. The detailing clay bar is like a spa day mud bath for your car: when glided over paintwork, the classic OG Clay Bar cleanses the surface by pulling any embedded pollution, fallout, rail dust, brake dust, overspray, and stubborn contamination out from the pores of the surface. If left unchecked, these contaminants can ruin the shine of your car by blocking reflected light, scratch the surface if rubbed around with a towel, and cause the paint to oxidize, tarnish, and peel off the metalwork. If you’ve ever seen a car with paint peeling off the roof, hood, and trunk, now you know that damage was caused in part by lack of care like clay bar decontamination and wax detailing jobs. Using the OG Clay Bar isn’t just a once-in-a-while treat; it is a vital step to use at every full detail to keep your paintwork looking and feeling great.


It’s time to use the clay bar when your paint does not feel smooth as glass. Any rough feeling is pollution and contamination stuck on the paint, and only the clay bar can remove it safely. Start by washing the vehicle: scrubbing loose dirt on the paintwork turns your clay bar into sandpaper, so avoid tons of swirls and scratches by starting with a clean surface. Use the proper lubricant to glide the clay by smoothly over the surface, and to maintain the integrity of the synthetic clay material. Attempting to clay with soap and water can be too rough on the paint and dissolve the clay bar, so stick to synthetic detail sprays and clay bar lubricants like Clay Luber for the best results. Break off just ⅓ of the clay bar and shape it into a small patty. Use only a small piece because if you drop the clay bar on the ground, you have to throw it away! Once it falls on the ground, the clay bar picks up any small rocks or bits of abrasive dirt and grit, and it is now sandpaper for your paint. Mist a liberal coating of your preferred lubricant over the surface, and gently glide the clay bar to pick up embedded debris. Quickly scrub in short 12” passes to fully decontaminate the surface. The clay bar will stick at first, but the rough sounds and stickiness will subside into smooth action as the surface cleans up. Work one panel at a time, and wipe off lubricant residue and buff the panel dry to avoid spotting as you work. Re-knead the clay bar to expose a fresh surface after working 1-2 panels, or whenever the surface looks too dirty to use. Discard the used clay bar once no fresh surface is exposed with kneading. Use the clay bar on any exterior car part that is shiny or clear, including paintwork, glass, clear plastic, polished metals, carbon fiber, and more. Follow the clay bar service with machine polishing to remove any swirl and scratches, then seal the pores of the freshly-cleaned surface with a coat of sealant or wax for durable protection and enhanced shine.


The OG Clay Bar is the classic favorite of detailing professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Detailers turn to the OG Clay Bar because it works, and it’s soft enough to not harm their daily driver or garage queen show car. Old clay bar technology used particle abrasives to physically “scrub” surface contamination off the vehicle. The OG Clay Bar uses super-sticky synthetic polymer clay to “grab” surface contamination and pull it from the vehicle. This gentle detailing clay bar is tough enough to remove years of embedded contamination and grime, but soft enough to leave sensitive paint finishes free from any rough friction marring or microscratches. Easily restore a smooth-as-glass feel to paintwork, plastic, glass, wheels, and metalwork. The OG Yellow Clay Bar works best with Chemical Guys Luber to glide the clay bar smoothly over the surface. Mist some Clay Luber directly over the surface, then glide the OG Clay Bar over the panel in quick short strokes. Working the clay bar will first feel rough as it grabs at the layers of contamination, but it then smooths out as the surface gets cleaner. The flexible clay bar conforms to every curve and contour, and easily removes pollution, overspray, and even natural contamination like tree sap and bug gut residues from your vehicle’s paint, metal, and glass for improved shine and visibility. The OG Clay Bar cleanses a myriad of exterior surfaces for ultimate versatility. The Chemical Guys OG Clay Bar makes virtually any exterior surface feel smooth as glass.