Autobrite Direct Extreme Range Multipurpose Brush Kit

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Autobrite Direct Extreme Range Multipurpose Brush Kit

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Our Extreme multi-purpose brush kit is perfectly suited for all your bicycle and motorcycle detailing and cleaning requirements.

Multiple brush heads are included to suit a variety of surface types. These are easily attached/removed from the brush handles.

This kit contains a suitable brush for every surface

  • Ergonomically moulded plastic handles ( X2)
  • Natural Hogs hair brush head. (Suitable for multiple surfaces such as wheels, tyres and rubber hoses
  • Synthetic Grey bristled brush head. (Suitable for engine casings, radiators and suspension components)
  • Blue Polypropylene heavy duty chain and sprocket brush
  • Black soft synthetic bristled brush for sensitive surfaces ( Gloss trims, TFT screens, Acrylic screens etc)
  • Red super soft synthetic bristled brush for the most delicate of surfaces ( Helmet visors, instrument clusters, painted components)

Product Features

  • 2 x Metal free ergonomically shaped brush handles
  • 1 x Natural hogs hair brush head
  • 1 x Synthetic grey bristled brush head
  • 1 x Blue polypropylene brush head
  • 1 x Black soft synthetic brush head
  • 1 x Red super soft brush head