Dr Beasleys Matte Paint Cleanser (12OZ)

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Dr Beasleys Matte Paint Cleanser (12OZ)

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MATTE PAINT CLEANSER removes stubborn contaminants without changing the appearance of matte paint finishes. Actively breaks down messes like bird droppings, insect remains, tree sap, road tar and other contaminants so they can be easily wiped away with a soft microfiber towel.

REMOVES TOUGH CONTAMINANTS - Powerful formula breaks down and removes contaminants entirely

SAFE ON MATTE - Made without fillers or harsh chemicals to preserve original appearance after cleaning

ENDLESS USESR - emoves array of contaminants like bird droppings, insect remains and road tar

SPOT CLEANS AFTER WASH - Great for removing leftover contaminants after a regular wash

Eliminates The Toughest Contaminants

Matte Paint Cleanser breaks down the most stubborn messes, making it so even tough stains can be wiped away with ease.

Restores Matte Appearance

With its matte-safe formulation, Matte Paint Cleanser removes messes without altering the finish in anyway. It’ll look as good as new.

Cleans Wide Array of Messes

Use Matte Paint Cleanser to remove bird droppings, insect remains, tree sap, road tar, overspray, adhesive and even misapplied wax.

Great Spot Cleaner After Wash

Washes are great for loose contaminants but they can leave more stubborn messes behind. Use Matte Paint Cleanser after to spot clean anything that was missed.

Works on Satin & Glossy Paint Too

Because it’s designed to maintain finishes as-is, Matte Paint Cleanser works just as well on contaminated satin and glossy paint.

Aids In Matte Nanocoating Prep

Before you decontaminate with Dr. Beasley’s Matte Decon, use Matte Paint Cleanser to spot clean any remaining surface contaminants. You’ll get a more durable coating bond.

How Does It Work?

Matte Paint Cleanser bonds with contaminants to break them down at the molecular level. Once broken down, the contaminant can be easily removed with a microfiber towel.