Dr Beasleys Matte Paint Coating (4OZ)

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Dr Beasleys Matte Paint Coating (4OZ)

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MATTE PAINT COATING protects matte & satin paint from stains, soiling and contaminants to preserve the finish in factory condition. Engineered for active hydrophobicity, Matte Paint Coating repels water to self-clean. Unlike other nanocoatings, it retains the matte finish and will not add gloss.

PROTECTS MATTE PAINT FINISHES-  Shields matte paint finishes to resist stains and contamination

 MAINTAINS MATTE LOOK - Engineered nanostructure preserves matte appearance and adds no gloss

 HYDROPHOBIC SELF-CLEANING - Active water repellency pushes off water and aids in self-cleaning

 LONG-LASTING DURABILITY - 1+ years durability on daily drivers and up to 3 years durability on garaged vehicles


No Added Gloss

Unlike most car wash soaps, Matte Body Wash is formulated with absolutely no fillers, silicones, waxes or paraffin so your matte finish stays flat.

Works On Wraps & PPF

You can also use Matte Body Wash to clean matte-finished vinyl wraps and paint protection film—not just paint!

Active Contaminant Removal

Matte Body Wash’s active surfactants pull and lift out loose bits of gunk for more effective cleaning and healthier paint.

Great For Foam Guns & Cannons

Go ahead and load up your foamer of choice with Matte Body Wash, then watch the suds go.

Compatible With All Finishes

Because Matte Body Wash preserves finish appearance, it’s totally safe to use on glossy paint in addition to matte and satin.

Maintains Matte Nanocoatings

Matte Body Wash keeps Dr. Beasley’s Matte Paint Coating or Matte Paint Coating Pro clean for better protection.