Dr Beasleys Matte Wheel Seal (12OZ)

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Dr Beasleys Matte Wheel Seal (12OZ)

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MATTE WHEEL SEAL protects matte and satin wheels against brake dust and other contaminants, keeping them from sticking to the paint. Just wash as usual and the contaminants will rinse away with ease! Will not alter appearance of matte or satin finishes.

PROTECTS MATTE & SATIN WHEELS - Creates an invisible barrier that shields matte wheels without altering matte appearance

MAKES CLEANING EASY - Captures and releases grime in a wash for effortless contaminant removal

POWDER COAT COMPATIBLE - Protects powder coated matte and satin wheels

HOLDS UP IN HIGH TEMPS - Formulated for high heat resistance to remain durable at extreme temperatures


Shields Matte & Satin Wheels

Matte Wheel Seal guards against brake dust and other road grime to prevent etching, pitting and erosion, all while maintaining a matte appearance.

Captures & Releases Contaminants

By capturing contaminants as they accumulate, Matte Wheel Seal keeps them away from damaging the paint and allows them to be released with ease in a wash.

Works On Powder Coated Matte & Satin Wheels

Powder coated wheels can also take advantage of Matte Wheel Seal’s extraordinary protection.

Ultra-High Heat Resistance

Matte Wheel Seal is perfect for the track—it holds up in even the highest temperatures to keep the protection going no matter what.

Preserves Matte & Satin Appearance

Unlike conventional wheel sealants, Matte Wheel Seal is free of silicones, fillers, paraffin and waxes to maintain the original appearance.

Fast, Simple Application

Just spray, let sit and wipe down. You’ll have protected wheels in a matter of minutes!