Garage Therapy GT Wash Pad

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Garage Therapy GT Wash Pad

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Garage Therapy Wash Pad is a professional premium grade wash pad that is gentle and safe on your automotive paint surfaces. The large surface area and soft korean microfibre yarn makes washing your paintwork efficient and enjoyable.


Features and specification:

- Premium Quality.

- Size 23 x 23cm.

- Made in Korea.


Ensure that the paint surface has been thoroughly rinsed
with pressurised water to flush away as much dirt as

Use /ONE: Wash Pad with a high quality automotive
paint detergent such as /ONE: Car Shampoo or /ZERO: Decon
Shampoo. Use safe wash methods such as the two bucket
method with a rinse and wash bucket. Rinse the microfibre
wash pad frequently during the wash process.