Garage Therapy Leather Brush

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Garage Therapy Leather Brush

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Garage Therapy Leather Cleaning Brush is a high-quality premium grade leather brush with durable bristles that does not damage leather substrates. It is perfectly sized for large and small surface areas and can also be used on a multitude of other substrates such as carpets, furniture, apparel, shoes and bags.


Features and specification:

- Premium Quality.

- Gentle on leather.

- Durable bristles.

- Use GT Leather Cleaning brush with /ONE: Leather Cleaner to remove ingrained dirt contaminants.

- Use with /ZERO: Interior Cleaner to remove ingrained dirt from vinyl or plastic.



1. Shake well before use. Prior to extensive use, test compatibility on an inconspicuous area of the surface.

2. Ensure that the leather surface has been cleaned with /ONE: Leather Cleaner prior to application.

3. Apply /TWO: Leather Protect to a high quality microfibre towel or applicator. 

4. Wipe over the leather surface to ensure even coverage and allow to dry. Do not buff immediately after application. 


1. Clean regularly with the Garage Therapy Leather Cleaning Brush and /ONE: Leather Cleaner.

2. Use high quality microfibre towels to apply and wipe away excess when dried.

3. Apply /TWO: Leather Protect every 3 months for high traffic areas and every 6 months for other leather surfaces.