Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum
Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum

Garage Therapy

Garage Therapy /ONE: Tyre Serum

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/ONE: Tyre Serum is a premium Tyre and Rubber Conditioner that nourishes and protects all types of rubber trim and tyres. Designed and formulated with a special blend of advanced polymers that penetrate into the rubber to replenish lost moisture, along with UV resistant, hydrophobic polymers to encase and protect the newly treated rubber behind a fantastic satin, like new finish.

/ONE: Tyre Serum’s low surface tension formulation allows excellent coverage and penetration into the rubber, nourishing and helping prevent further depletion, discolouration and cracking. Once cured, the protective properties of /ONE: Tyre Serum enhance the resistance to weathering and wash processes. 

The end result is a deep, natural SATIN finish that repels dirt, promotes self-cleaning characteristics and leaves a dry no sling finish that keeps your tyres and trims looking their absolute best.


1. Shake well before use. Prior to extensive use, test compatibility on an inconspicuous area of the surface. Do not apply on motorcycle tyres and foot pedals.

2. Clean the surface of any contaminants, dirt or oils. Ensure a clean dry surface before use.

3. Apply a small amount to your preferred applicator. ensure that /ONE: Tyre Serum is applied in a thin, even layer over the entire surface and allowed to dry.

4. Remove any excess with a cloth. The product should be dry to the touch and safe to drive after 15 minutes.