Garage Therapy /ONE: Wheel Shampoo
Garage Therapy /ONE: Wheel Shampoo
Garage Therapy /ONE: Wheel Shampoo

Garage Therapy

Garage Therapy /ONE: Wheel Shampoo

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/ONE: Wheel Shampoo uses a premium formulation of highly concentrated materials to specifically target brake dust and road grime for robust and effective cleaning of all alloy wheel types.

/ONE: wheel Shampoo has a high cling foaming action to aid lubrication and increase chemical contact time to safely emulsify brake dust and dirt. /ONE: Wheel Shampoo is a superb tool to restore the fresh clean look of your alloys safely.


1. Shake well Before use. Dilute 20ml of /ONE: Wheel Shampoo for a moderately dirty alloy wheel. for heavily soiled alloys, Use 30ml for extra cleaning power and lubrication in a 4-5 gallon bucket.

2. Rinse the wheels to remove loose contaminants from the alloys, preferably at high pressure. 

3. Clean the wheels with a soft bristle brush or wheel mitt. Start from the top working down, ensuring all spokes are treated. 

 4. Once all areas have the product worked into the wheel and tyre, rinse the wheel down to ensure the encapsulated dirt is washed away.