Garage Therapy /ZERO: Interior Cleaner
Garage Therapy /ZERO: Interior Cleaner
Garage Therapy /ZERO: Interior Cleaner

Garage Therapy

Garage Therapy /ZERO: Interior Cleaner

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 Interior Cleaner is a powerful multi-purpose interior cleaner for your car. This powerful formula intensively and safely cleans a variety of interior surfaces whilst neutralising odours leaving a factory fresh finish. 

Formulated with robust deep cleansing surfactants to specifically clean plastics, vinyl, fabric upholstery, carpets and a wide range of other hard and soft surfaces.  

/ZERO: Interior Cleaner is highly concentrated, dilutable and capable of removing oils, grease, dirt, grime, stains and general soiling found in your car's interior. it can also be used on fabric and vinyl convertible roof soft tops and rubber floor mats without leaving unwanted residue. 

/ZERO: Interior Cleaner is effective, economical, great smelling and a must for all your interior detailing requirements. 

Features and Specification:
- Premium quality
- Concentrated - highly dilutable 
- Removes stubborn stains
- Helps neutralise odours
- Medium foaming action



1. Shake well before use. Wear appropriate safety equipment such as gloves and protective eyewear.

2. Do not use neat and test on an inconspicuous area before extensive use.

3. Spray onto the contaminated surface or to avoid overspray, spray directly onto a microfibre cloth. 

4. Agitate with a soft bristle brush or the microfibre towel.

5. Wipe away with a clean microfibre cloth. If the surface is wet, dry with a new fresh microfibre.

6. Repeat if necessary.