Gtechniq Wash Mitt (Blue)


Gtechniq Wash Mitt (Blue)

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Why use a Gtechniq Microfibre Wash Mitt?

  • Ultra low friction glide characteristics minimise swirl marks
  • Designed to hold a maximum volume of wash suds
  • 100% split varied length polyester strands optimum for contaminant release

Gtechniq Microfibre Wash Mitt has optimal glide, contaminant capture and release characteristics. Combined with its inner foam core that retains a very high volume of wash solution and durable construction, the pinnacle in wash mitt technology.

Simple steps to help you get the best results

  • Wash microfibre products separately from other fabrics to avoid cloths being contaminated with lint
  • Wash at 30C using half the normal amount of bleach-free detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener as this clogs the microfibres reducing their effectiveness
  • If the cloth is very dirty adding half a cup of vinegar to the wash is advisable as it helps to remove product residues from the microfibres
  • Either air dry or machine dry at a low temperature

How about red? These supberb wash mitts also come in red - Gtechniq WM2 Wash Mitt