Gyeon Bucket Sticker Set


Gyeon Bucket Sticker Set (3 Pack)

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Gyeon Bucket Sticker Set

The perfect sticker set for your buckets! Includes: 1 x Wash, 1 x Wheels, 1 x Rinse Sticker (Bucket not included)

These stickers are made from high quality vinyl and will add a nice touch to your buckets, not only that they will aid in never getting your buckets mixed up!

Measurements: 22cm x 13cm

How to Apply your new Gyeon Bucket Sticker set:

  1. Make sure your bucket is clean
  2. Use a spray bottle with soapy water and lightly mist the area where you wish to apply the sticker and the back of the sticker
  3. Apply the sticker and move into the position your require
  4. Use a microfibre cloth to remove and excess fluid