Gyeon Q2R Glass Cleaner 1L


Gyeon Q2R Glass Cleaner 1L

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Q 2 R GlassCleaner

Comprehensive line of innovative marine care products

Q²R Glass is the ultimate formula for fast, effortless and effective cleaning of all marine glass and plexi surfaces. Removes oily residue and instantly leaves a smudge free finish. Easy to use and safe for all interior materials like leather, vinyl or marine alcantara.


Safe and effective

Q²R Glass will remove any oily residue, spots or light contamination from all visors or windows, no matter whether made of glass, polycarbonate or plexiglass.


Best practice and pro-tips from Yves Heylen

Always spray on a Q²M BaldWipe and gently remove the dirt from the surface. Use product generously to provide lube and avoid marks or scratches.