LRC Leather Stain Protection Spray
LRC Leather Stain Protection Spray

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LRC Leather Stain Protection Spray

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Leather Protector Spray - Stops stains and dirt build-up on Leather.

  • Great For car Seats
  • Fantastic For Couches
  • Protects Handbags
  • Brilliant For Leather Jackets
  • Waterproof Protection For Motorcycle Leathers

The Leather  protector spray is essential for keeping your leather safe. Not only is it easy to apply the product that helps prevent all kinds of stains on leather.

The protection spray is a simple spray on and leave to dry product and buff after, on porous leather like aniline leather, apply and leave to dry, then apply a second coating and leave to dry again, no need to buff off any excess on this type of leather.

With all types of leather the protector spray will still allow the leather to breathe correctly, pigmented leather becomes more breathable after a few years as the surface clear becomes thinner. Aniline leather is always breathable as it is absorbent.

For use on all types of leather other than suede and nubuck, for suede and nubuck use Dye Stopper.

This can be used externally too on any plastics. Including the trim on your car.

How Long Does It Last?

This will offer protection for up to 3 to 6 months, possibly longer depending on the use of the vehicle or the items its being applied to.