Rupes DA Polisher LHR15 Bigfoot Mark III (MK3) 230v


Rupes DA Polisher LHR15 Bigfoot Mark III (MK3) 230v

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LHR15 Mark III has been built to handle any detailing situation, including curved surfaces and hard to reach areas. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it allows for precise paint correction with ultimate comfort. Compared to the LHR21 Mark III, the LHR15 operates at a higher RPM, meaning the increased speed produces equivalent correction, more conductive to curved surfaces.

The Mark III offers exceptional comfort thanks to the rubberised front grip and rear handle, providing a non-slip surface for control. The new electronic speed control dial allows for easy adjustment without moving your hand and the larger dial can be easily adjusted with a move of your thumb. Acting as a throttle to control speeds within the dial range, is the new progressive trigger. Allowing you to make subtle adjustments for precise control, without interruption of the process or need to reposition your grip to access the speed dial.

Attention to detail is something more than just an attractive design. Every detail, such as the rubber support positioned on the body of the machine to keep it stable during the non-working stages, is the result of meticulous research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort.

The highly efficient motor of the LHR15 Mark III BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher, produces a speed range of 3000 to 5200. The specially engineered and custom wound motor, created in-house by RUPES, generates high levels of torque while requiring just 500 watts of input.

Technical Specification:

• Orbit Diameter: 15 - 19mm.

• Backing Pad: 125mm

• RPM (Revolutions Per Minute): 3000 - 5200.

• Thread Size: M8.

• Cord Length: 9m

• Power Watt: 500W.

• Net Weight: 2.6kgs.