Scent Bomb Black Bomb Scent - 30ml

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Scent Bomb Black Bomb Scent - 30ml

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Funky foul odors always seem to pop up at the worst possible moments. Scent Bomb is here to save you from having to answer the 3 scariest words in the English language, “What’s That Smell?”

Meet your new best friend. This discrete 1 ounce of bottle of Scent Bomb air freshener may just save you from the most embarrassing moment of your life. Scent Bomb spray bottles are made in the USA with 100% pure fragrance oils. The concentrated formula simply makes our product smell better last longer with every spray.

For the best value, we now offer the 8oz spray bottle. Use it as is, or refill your 1oz bottle over and over!

Don’t cover it up. #ScentBomb it. If you need a discreet way to eliminate an unwanted odor in 5 seconds, click the “buy now button” and never let an unwanted odor land you in the hot seat.

 1 Bottle of Scent Bomb brand oil-based air freshener 
 Quantity: 1
 Weight: 3.3 oz
 Height: 4 3/16” inches
 Diameter: 1.25” inches
 Contains: 1 fl. Oz/30ml or 8 fl. Oz/237ml
 Contents: 100% fragrance oil
 Packaging material: glass bottle. Plastic spray nozzle and cap