Scholl Concepts S0 Matting Compound Extreme 1kg

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Scholl Concepts S0 Matting Compound Extreme 1kg

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S0 can also be described as 'liquid sanding paper'. It is perfectly suited for matting and preparing the surface prior to painting as well as eliminating severe scratches, paint imperfections and orange peel.

Using an orbital or rotary polisher, S0 eliminates extreme coarse sanding marks from previous sanding applications in a very efficient way. The Matting Compound makes the use of costly, so-called “soft sanding discs” redundant. S0 creates a consistent and smooth matt finish, that can be easily polished up in seconds to a perfect shiny finish using the coarse High Performance Compound S3 Gold. On old paint surfaces S0 will polish out even deep scratches safely, without using sanding paper or soft sanding discs.




S0 Matting Compound can be easily applied by hand with our white Application Puck.
For large-area applications we recommend the use of a conventional dual action sander (3-5 mm orbital stroke), or a rotary polisher at low speed and the fine orange SCHOLL Polishing Pad. Wipe-off the residue using our red seamless MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth.

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