Scholl Concepts W6 Black High-Performance CoatWax 500ml

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Scholl Concepts W6 Black High-Performance CoatWax 500ml

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For scratched paint surfaces, we recommend a pre-treatment with our premium rubbing or polishing compounds.

Before applying the W6 Black, the surface should not exceed 30°C, and be dry and dust-free. A manual application is done best with our easy to handle, black application puck with gentle circular movements. For machine processing with orbital polishers, we recommend applying the premium sealing W6 Black with our SOFTouch WAFFLE PAD BLACK.

After a flash-off time of 3 – 5 minutes, the sealing residues can be simply wiped off with the seam-free, red MicroPLUS finishing cloth. Thanks to the special user-friendly formulation, the residues of the W6 Black can also be easily wiped off even after a longer (flash-off) time.