Soft99  Micro Liquid Compound Light


Soft99 Micro Liquid Compound Light

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Micro Liquid Compound is a chemical cleaner that will help you to prepare your car paint before application of protective coatings. Thanks to its advanced chemical formula, the cleaner will not only remove any stubborn dirt it encounters on its way, but also mask minor scratches on the paint, like these around the keyhole. It also enhances the gloss, even before the main product is applied! Available in two tone variations to produce best results depending on your car paint colour.

Directions for use:

  1. Prepare your vehicle by washing it thoroughly with pH neutral shampoo and drying

  2. Apply a small amount of product onto the black side of the included sponge

  3. Polish the cleaned or scratched area with force

  4. Wipe off the remains with a clean microfiber cloth